The Sexual Assault Clinic opened its doors on 1 December 2011 after its founder

Christina Rollin felt compelled to provide a service to child victims of abuse who were

re-traumatized and failed by the very system that were supposed to assist and protect them.

Christina Rollin

Christina Rollin is Founder and Director of the Sexual Assault Clinic.

She is a Registered Nurse for the past 29 years and trained in the field of forensic nursing in 2009.

   Christina have performed over 1700 medico-legal examinations since 2009. She testified in more than   

   80 matters as expert witness, in various High and Magistrates Courts.  

   Christina is a Law graduate and Admitted Advocate and uses her knowledge to assist children 

   and their parents with medico-legal advice.

   As result of her passion for child protection, Christina developed and presents three abuse awareness

   training courses to parents, professionals and any person involved with children. 

   She provides training to Magistrates and Prosecutors on the interpretation of medical reports

   related to child abuse.

   Christina is also an International Accredited Mediator and mediate family conflict matters.


 The Sexual Assault Clinic has a network of services providers to provide essential services to our organization. 

These services include Psycho-Social assessments and therapy, Medical services, 

Legal services, Social services, court preparation and much more.