Children are referred from Courts, Police Services, Social Services, etc. to the SA Child

Abuse Clinic (Sexual Assault Clinic) to assist in Medico-Legal support in matters where 

children have fallen victim to abuse, as part of the reporting and prosecution process.

Medical Forensic Examination

The Forensic Examination is performed to determine and record injuries, and the extend of the injuries suffered by a child victim of abuse.

The examination is performed with the aid of a high-resolution camera called a Colposcope.

The use of the Colposcope enables the child to be part of the examination, which contributes greatly to reducing re-traumatization of the

child during the examination.

The examinations are performed with the child’s full consent, in a non-invasive and non-threatening manner.

Sexual Assault Evidence Collection

A Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (Rape Kit) is used to collect DNA evidence left on a child victim of rape, by a perpetrator. 

A Rape Kit has to be done within 72 hours after a rape occurred to preserve possible DNA evidence.


In the case of rape, a victim must be tested for HIV and Pregnancy by way of blood and urine tests.

Consent must be required and pre-test counselling is provided to the child or parent.

Post-test counselling is provided as well before the HIV test result is disclosed.

Post-exposure medication is prescribed to prevent HIV or STI transmission.

Follow-up HIV testing is provided as well.

Reporting of injuries

Injuries are photographed and recorded on a form called a J88 Form.

Injuries are measured and interpreted.

The J88 Form is attached to the docket as evidence for the courts.

Therapeutic Services

Children are referred to our trusted network of Psycho-Social and Therapeutic specialists.

Psycho-Social services include: Play Therapy, Forensic Assessment, Competency Assessment and Victim Impact Reports.

Children who are required to testify in court is referred for Court Preparation.

Expert Court Testimony

Perpetrators of child abuse matters which are successfully investigated are prosecuted by the courts.


Our Forensic Nurse testifies in High Court and Magistrates Court matters concerning children she has examined.


Our Forensic Nurse also assist the courts and legal representatives in testifying as expert witness in matter she did not personally attend to.


Through her vast experience in dealing with violence against children, networking with others in 

the field and extensive research, Christina Rollin has developed three Abuse Awareness training workshops.

“The Monster Within”

“The Monster Within” training course is designed for any person who has children, work with children or is in any manner involved with children.

The workshop deals with awareness and guidance into indicators of child sexual abuse, the predator and the reporting process.

Topics Include:

* The child in the eyes of the law;

* Myths & facts surrounding child sexual abuse;

* What is paedophilia?

* Myths & facts surrounding paedophilia;

* Indicators and warning signs of child sexual abuse;

* Procedures and processes surrounding the reporting of child sexual abuse.


Duration: 4 hours (Include Q&A time)

Included: Attendance certificate & Training notes

Fee: Click on the “Request quotation” button for a customized quotation.

“The Birds & Bees Talk for Parents”

“The Birds & Bees Talk for Parents” training course is designed for parents.

The workshop deals with age-appropriate answers to curious children.

Children who are ill-informed about their own bodies and sexuality are more likely to fall victim to sexual abuse and less likely to disclose such abuse to a parent.

Topics Include:

* Why we need to talk to children about sex;

* Changing our own mind-set about child sex education;

* When to have the “Birds & Bees Talk” with your child;

* How much information is enough?

* An age-by-age guide to:

        – Normal/ abnormal sexual behavior;

        – Sex education;

        – Difficult questions and answers.


Duration: 4 hours (Include Q&A time)

Included: Attendance certificate & Training notes

Fee: Click on the “Request quotation” button for a customized quotation.

“Understanding Child Abuse in the South African Context”

South Africa is known as one of the world’s most dangerous places for a child to live in. Children are abused, tortured and

murdered at an alarming rate in this country.

There is a general ignorance around the 18 main forms of violence against children in South Africa.

This training course is designed for anyone involved with children.

Topics include:

* Child development;

* Understanding the 18 main forms of child abuse by:

        – Defining each form;

        – The legal position of each form;

        – Facts & myths surrounding each form;

        – The effects of each form;

        – Identifying each form

* Understanding the offender of sexual and non-sexual child abuse;

* Disclosure and reporting of child abuse;

* Teaching children protective behaviours.


Duration: 5 days

Included: Refreshments, Lunch, Attendance certificate and Training notes

CPD Points: In the process of accreditation

Fee: Request a customized quote below.





Because Child Protection is the Clinic’s main focus, we provide a variety of additional

service to families, parents, professionals, organizations, schools, churches, etc.


Other Services:


The Clinic provide consultation and assistance in the following:

Reporting of abuse to the relevant authorities;

The correct reporting process and procedures;

Protection orders;

Child protection;

Search & Rescue of missing children;

Recognizing abuse;

Development of child protection policies for schools;

Interpretation of medico-legal reports;

Much more.



Family Conflict Mediation

Parenting plans (minor children)

Family plans (adult dependants involved)

Section 23 & 24 Mediation (Grandparent’s rights)