Examination room
  • The Forensic Examination is performed to determine and record injuries, and the extend of the injuries suffered by a child victim of abuse.
  • The examination is performed with the aid of a high resolution camera called a Colposcope. The use of the Colposcope enable the child to be part of the examination, which contributes greatly to reducing re-traumatization of the child during examination.
  • The examinations are performed with the child’s full consent, in a non-invasive and non- threatening manner.
  • A Sexual Assault Evidence Kit (Rape Kit) is used to collect DNA evidence left on a child victim of rape, by a perpetrator.
  • A Rape Kit has to be done within 72 hours after a repe occured to preserve possible DNA evidence.
Rape kit
  • In case of a rape, a victim must be tested for HIV and Pregnancy by way of blood and urine tests.
  • Consent must be required and pre-test counselling be provided to the child or parent.
  • Post-test counselling is provided as well, before the HIV test result is diclosed.
  • Post-exposure medication is prescribed to prevent HIV or STI transmission.
  • Follow-up HIV testing is provided as well.
  • Injuries are photographed and recorded on a form called a J88 Form.


  • Injuries are measured and described in detail on the J88.
  • The J88 Form is attached to the docket as evidence for the courts.
  • Children are referred to our trusted network of Psycho-Social and Therapeutic specialists.
  • Psycho-Social services include: Play Therapy, Forensic Assessment, Competency Assessment and Victim Impact Reports.
  • Children who are required to testify in court is referred for Court Preparation.
  • Perpetrators of child abuse matters which are successfully investigated are prosecuted by the courts.
  • Our Forensic Nurse testify in High Court and Magistrates Court matters concerning children she has examined.
  • Our Forensic Nurse also assist the courts and legal representatives in testifying as expert witness in matter she did not personally attend to.